Kale Allerion is an o'rant light Wizard in the service of Paladin. She is the main character of the entire Dragonkeeper Chronicles series except for DragonKnight, and even then she is a prominent protagonist. Throughout the Dragonkeeper Chronicles, Kale discovers more about Wulder and learns to depend on Him.


Kale was a young O'rant slave in the village of River Away for fourteen years. Upon finding a dragon egg in the stream near her home, she was sent to The Hall to be trained. On her way she wandered from the path and was captured by a group of Grawligs and knocked unconsious. Upon awakening she slipped her bonds and excaped. Pursued, she falls into a cave in which she aquires eight more dragon eggs. When she emerges, she finds the Grawligs engaged in battle with a group of warriors. Kale flees at the order of a mindspeaker, Leetu Bends. Kale later finds that she is part of a mission to rescue a meech egg held in the clutches of Wizard Risto. Leetu was assigned to teach Kale to control her mindspeaking abilities, but the emerlindian puts the instrucion off until Kale uses her abilitiy to eavesdrop on Leetu while she is reading. Leetu is furious and refuses to speak to Kale for quite some time. The group visits the house of Granny Noon, who gives Kale advice and a gift of a Moonbeam cloak. The Granny then guides them to a Gateway transporting to Bedderman's Bog. The group enters the bog with the intent of finding Wizard Fenworth, but they are attacked by Mordakleeps. The Mordakleeps are forced back, but not before they capture Leetu. All hopes are on Kale and Dar as they search for, Leetu, the meech egg, and a very troublesome Wizard Fenworth.

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